In our firsts module you’ll explore the ins and outs of LinkedIn, a.k.a. the most powerful business networking site online. Quick-paced and effective, see immediate results as you implement easy-to-follow techniques while you are watching. This step-by-step process shows you how to:

Lay the complete foundation on your LinkedIn profile. Use keywords in 6 strategic locations that move your LinkedIn search result rankings up to the top - fast!
Create a strong call to action that ensures prospects click onto your Web site. Write a benefit-oriented summary like a professional copywriter would.
Write a perfect headline that increases page views while compelling prospects to contact you – and become clients! Ensure you’ll always have job opportunities during any type of economy!
Contact and get a response from anyone so your network expands. Close on your warm leads.

Lewis is the first person I turn to for LinkedIn advice.

He is truly the LinkedIn authority, and I recommend you listen to what he has to say.

Chris Garrett - Co-Author of Problogger Book

A leading authority on Twitter, Sean walks you through the basics of setting up your Twitter account for increased visibility. Get a complete profile overview and find out:

How to create a welcome message that drives massive amounts of traffic your way. What you should be saying on Twitter 80% of the time.
3 key mistakes commonly made on Twitter (even expert users know this is crucial) and how to avoid them. 3 tips for maximizing each Tweet for optimal results – convert your followers into qualified leads.
What not to do so you don’t get banned by Twitter. Grow your list to 2,000 followers in two simple steps.
And more . . .

Sean, 5 months ago when we first talked - I had 2,000 followers on my Twitter account and no clue how to use Twitter for business.

Since that first conversation we have added over 150,000 followers to our 5 office accounts and now over 10,000 opt ins to our email newsletter which has resulted in over 100,000 dollars in revenue.

I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for us when it comes to social media!

Than Merrill - Real Estate Investor

Discover the most valuable ways to leverage the power of Facebook. With more than 500 million users, it’s the largest social networking site today! This module provides detailed pointers on how to:

Connect with and influence the decision makers in your industry. Automate traffic to your site.
Create events and promote them to your entire friends list – easily. Develop joint venture (JV) opportunities with leading industry experts you don’t know yet (but will soon).
4 ways to master Facebook Fan Page opportunities. Tap into extended networks of professionals within your niche.
And more...

His expertise of LinkedIn has helped me to better understand how to leverage LinkedIn for both my personal brand and for my corporate position.

Lewis is knowledgable, patient and an expert on LinkedIn.

His training is not a gimmick to make money, but a value add to anyone's social media endeavors.

Anyone with a LinkedIn consultancy need should reach out and contact Lewis today.

Michael Vallez

Video marketing has been a huge contributor to the success of many companies in the last 10 years. And it’s quickly becoming the main source of content viewed online. Don’t be left out. This module ensures that you’re prepared by providing you with the keys to:

Creating an effective game plan for your video marketing. Placing your videos on YouTube – the top reasons they should be there even when you’re using other video sites.
Writing video titles that result in first page rankings on Google. Why videos are the best way to build your brand & increase sales (just look at what entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk did).
Producing compelling videos that get shared repeatedly all over the Web. How Sean got over 330,000 views on one video by accident – copy and benefit from his golden mistakes!
Obtaining hundreds of YouTube subscribers. Adding or changing text on your videos – even after you’ve uploaded them.

Did you know that more than half of the sites on the Web are in blog form? That’s right. With more than 235 million Web sites online, 126 million of them include blogs. This module uncovers the secrets for effectively creating, managing & monetizing your blog such as:

5 basic steps for setting up your blog successfully. How to drive crowds of traffic to your blog.
The ultimate way to get organic back links to your blog. How to achieve higher Google rankings with your blog articles.
Converting blog leads into paying, loyal customers. 5 helpful resources you should use with your blog.
10 highly effective plug-ins designed to enhance the “stickiness” of your blog. And more . . .

Sean Malarkey is a marketing genius when it comes to incorporating Twitter into your business.

His enthusiasm and passion come through in his books & webinars. He wants to assist others in succeeding.

You can't help but get excited and want to incorporate all of his teachings so you can see the financial and brand gratification of your product / business.

I highly recommend you follow Sean NOW and incorporate his teachings fast - don't be left behind!

Karen Blackstone

90 TRILLION e-mails were sent in 2009! 247 BILLION e-mails are sent per day! And, there 100 million new e-mail users last year alone. Take advantage of this outstanding promotional tool and get the most out of your marketing efforts. This informative module reveals how to:

Select the e-mail marketing provider that best meets your needs Import current e-mail lists to your address book.
Create an effective e-mail marketing campaign. Write attention-getting subject lines – like the top marketing professionals - that boost e-mail open rates.
Develop a motivating call to action that drives traffic to your offer. Triple your open rates.
Double your click-through rates. And more...

DailyBooth is one of the hottest new social networking sites right now. It is the best way to connect with your audience on a daily basis through adding pictures and sharing them throughout your network. In this module, learn how to maximize DailyBooth the RIGHT way:

Learn what is and why you should be using it in your marketing mix today. Learn the interface & how to navigate and use the tools.
Learn how to massively boost your DailyBooth following. Learn the different ways to use DailyBooth to impact your business & maximize your time spent there.
Learn how to integrate DailyBooth with other elements of your social media marketing plan. And more...

Sean Malarkey & Lewis Howes are two of the sharpest and most creative marketers on the internet & social media space in America today.

We have been delighted with their ideas, insights and results-oriented promotions.

I personally attribute thousands of dollars of additional revenue to their cutting-edge strategies and income- focused marketing methods.

Brian Tracy - Author, Leader in Personal Development

A phenomenal course worth every penny!

This course was taught by people who are earning real money from implementing their own practices and who have saved us the trouble of attending some of the courses in the School of Hard Knocks.

Kathy Ball

The course was awesome.

I will look back on it being the best $1,000 I have ever spent.

In two short months I went from under 300 followers to over 1,000.

On a weekly basis, I am now getting approached for some type of organic food related opportunity, am seen as an "expert" by some and have made amazing relationships on Twitter.

Max Goldberg

We stand behind our program and are confident you’ll gain value from it. Be 100% satisfied or your money back! If – for any reason – you are not satisfied with your purchase within the first 30 days, simply send us an e-mail. Your money will be refunded in full.

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Sean Malarkey & Lewis Howes

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